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At RUIPU BEAUTY, we strive to delight our customers by anticipating their needs and providing them with powerful integrated technology solutions. These solutions will be robust, high-quality and early to market.

Corporate Philosophy

At RUIPU BEAUTY, we believe that common understanding, excellent communication, forward thinking, and a clear mission are the cornerstones of a successful company. In support of this foundation, we've articulated a Corporate Mission Statement, our Corporate Values, Philosophy of Responsibility, and our Corporate Objectives.

Corporate Mission Statement

We will delight our customers by anticipating their needs and providing them with powerful integrated technology solutions. These solutions will be robust, high-quality, and early to market. We will manage our business to standards and with processes that increase shareholder value, enabling the cycle of reinvestment and growth. We will create an exciting and stimulating work environment where our employees can have access to multiple opportunities for growth and development. We will provide meaningful and challenging assignments and rewards that reflect our mutual success.

Corporate Values

We believe that by participating in quality-oriented, performance-driven partnerships, the people associated with RUIPU BEAUTY will realize individual, collective, and corporate goals.

We believe in establishing and maintaining strong working partnerships with our customers. The understanding gained through these relationships will provide innovative solutions to changing needs, ensure added value, and contribute to our mutual success.

We believe that profit is a measure of our success in efficiently meeting our customers' needs. Profit is essential for RUIPU BEAUTY existence and growth, allowing us to invest in people, research, design and technology and to pursue new business opportunities.

Philosophy of Responsibility

Each employee is responsible for his or her own process, independent of other's processes. Each employee is responsible for communicating the need for improvement in the quality of his or her process inputs. Each employee is responsible for satisfying his or her customers' requirements.

Corporate Objectives

Employee Development: We provide coaching, mentoring, and career planning for all full-time continuous employees. We provide the leadership, development opportunities, psychological environment, and physical environment necessary for each employee to grow personally and professionally.

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  • *Our Equipments have ISO13485 and Medical CE1023.

    Begins manufacturing aesthetic equipments from 2002 and develops product line to medical aesthetic equipment, home beauty devices and cosmetics nowadays. Based on perennial researching IPL, RF, Lasers, Ultrasound, Current and Vacuum technologies for hair removal, skin rejuvenation, slimming treatments and so on, Devotes to offering people a scientific, healthy, fashionable beauty lifestyle.

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