Acne Therpay Device "Bling Bling" - eliminate 90% of ance blemishes within 24 hours!


By using this product, the acne inflammatory responses will be reduced and your skin will be healthier.

We are please to introduce a micrale ance therapy device " Bling Bling" in Hong Kong. It has obtained an overwhelming support in Korea and Japan market.

Model: Bling Bling

What is "Bling Bling"?

It is a potable electronice device  for acne treatment. It destorys the ance causative bacterium effectively by providing deep heating of 47-49 degree celisus into demal layer of skin. 

Did you know that if you try to inject your pimples (using steroid) will gives you a big scars in your skin? The first in the philippines - Our machines generaltes a low level heat shock which kills germs that cause damage to the skin and restores the skin to a normal state.

It is the P-acne virus causes acne 90% This Device is designed to generate heat shock responses by applying heat safely to acne. When proteins are created from the hear shock bacteria are automatically destroyed. The required heat intensity is not strong enough to damage the skin.


- Clears 90% of newly formed acne within 24 hours using 2-3 applications. 2.5 minutes per application.

- Compact and innovative design.

- No medication required. Safe to use.

- Semi-permanent treatment tip. No replacement tip necessary.

- Quick charge time of 45 minutes using USB cable (no battery required).

- One-Year limited warranty.

Technology: Incorporates 420nm blue light and new bioceramic infra-red technology to elicit controlled heat shock response to effectively destroy light and heat sensitive Propionibacterium Acnes which is the causative organism responsible for acne. Available exclusively at Clariancy Aesthetic Clinic.


The biggest issue after acne is cured is scarring. Acne disappears over time acne scars however, last forever. Acne scars are generated typically on the spot where a very seious acne lesion has occured.

Sometimes, scars may occur on the spot where infmallations have been not that serious. Interestingly, even if similar inflammations exist at the acne lesion, the shape or depth of the scar depends on the person. The intensity of the scarring also varies depending on the person. Acne scars are categorized as protruding scars and hollow scars.

Most scars are hollow. Protuding scars are caled keloid acne. The shape of hollow scarng is diverse. Examples of shape include scars that appear hollowed with a gimlet , scars that are very depp and scars that are similar to the normal skin condition.


- 90% treatment effect within 24 hoursusing 2-3 times applications on acne at inflammatory or suppurative stages.

- with micro-computer PID control chip, the top temperature is adjustable within desired range unaffected by the outside environment. It reduces the inflammatory reaction and is suitable for all skin types.

Treatment effect

inital stage - quick and fully recover under inactive acne

intermediate stage - it usually takes 5-6 days before suppurative, but "Bling Bling" speeds up the process and provide effective treatment.


Comparision for ance preventive methods

Is it safe to use?

It acquires the approval of Korean Medical Appartus and CE certificate.





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