FDA cleared and physician recommended devices that use light energy for safe and easy hair removal at home !


The Silk'n family of products are clinically proven, FDA cleared and physician recommended devices that use light energy for safe and easy hair removal at home.

The Silk'n family is pleased to announce the introduction of a new home hair removal unit, BellaLite! BellaLite features HPL technology similar to Silk'n SensEpil, thereby offering the same level of efficacy and outstanding results as seen by over 350,000 HPL users world wide.

Model: BellaLite



Is there a difference between BellaLite and SensEpil efficacy?

No, they both offer the same level of efficacy because both devices use HPL.

When will I see results?

As with any light-based or laser hair removal device, results are not immediate, and in fact you may not think anything happened at all. Most users see noticeable reduction after 4 treatments. Each time you treat, you should increase the energy level. It is important to be patient and consistent during your hair removal process as hair may sometimes appear to be growing back after a treatment, but typically after two weeks many of these hairs will simply fall out. It is important to understand the hair growth cycle. Hair grows in three different stages and only hairs in an active growth stage will be affected by a BellaLite treatment. This is one of the main reasons that multiple treatments are required to achieve the desired result.

Where on my body can I use BellaLite?

The BellaLite has been designed for any area below the cheek bone with the most common areas being the legs, underarms, arms, back, chest, lips, chin and bikini line. Extra care should be taken to avoid sun exposure before and after treatments with BellaLite.

How often should I use BellaLite?

Treatment sessions with BellaLite should be spaced every two weeks for the first three to four sessions. After that treatments should be done if hairs have grown back, until the desired results are achieved.

Will BellaLite hurt?

When used properly most users of BellaLite report feeling a slight sensation of heat when the pulse of light is emitted. Users with thicker and darker hair may feel slightly more discomfort, but this discomfort subsides once a treatment is completed, and decreases with each treatment as fewer hair follicles are in the treatment area.

How often do I need to replace the lamp cartridge?

The lamp cartridge life is limited to approximately 750 pulse, which are enough to treat multiple sessions on the underarms, lips or legs or an entire body once.

How can I maximize my treatment results?

1. Start with clean, shaven skin - NO WAXING.

2. Progress quickly to higher energy levels - once you have tested all treatment areas on the low energy setting we recommend you move up to higher levels. As a safety feature the system is designed to provide the first 50 pulses at level one, to unlock the energy levels - press “-” & “+” until you hear short consecutive beeps.

3. Schedule your treatments in two week intervals. Typically you will see results after the 3rd or 4th treatment - after this you can start treating monthly.



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