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Treatment Principles of E-Light Beauty Equipment

1. Release IPL and RF at the same time.

2. Since the light power is much less than that in IPL, under the condition of not hurting epidermis tissue, more energy is absorbed by benign vascular and pigmented lesions and at the same time stimulate the growth of collagen and promote skin elasticity.

3. Stimulate the growth of collagen while overcome side effect of IPL treatment (IPL and laser).
1) Firstly the collagen shrinks when heat works caused by RF works on collagen fibrous layer, which makes the skin and wrinkles tighten on face.
2) Then the heat transmitted on dermal layer stimulates new collagen growth to repair aged and damaged collagen layer.

4. E-light is absorbed by acne target and release oxygen ions to kill acne bacteria, while remove pigmentation and smooth acne scar.

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  • *Our Equipments have ISO13485 and Medical CE1023.

    Begins manufacturing aesthetic equipments from 2002 and develops product line to medical aesthetic equipment, home beauty devices and cosmetics nowadays. Based on perennial researching IPL, RF, Lasers, Ultrasound, Current and Vacuum technologies for hair removal, skin rejuvenation, slimming treatments and so on, Devotes to offering people a scientific, healthy, fashionable beauty lifestyle.

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